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i am amy jo wright! i have had the privilege of photographing north georgia for 15 years! 10 years as amy jo photography!

i am a daughter, sister, wife, mom, aunt, granddaughter, cousin & friend! I am just like you!

my family comes first in my life! my parents have the most amazing relationship and raised me to believe that love is the center of life and is a blanket that is to be shared! so my love of photography started with them the day i was given that 110 film camera!

a few years later...i met lance! the love of my life! we met right here in my home town of cumming, ga. i had been bouncing from photography labs & studios to gyms for work i hated. when he asked me why? why do you keep doing what you hate? he is the reason i was able to fearlessly fall head first into my dream of being a photographer. 

my company amy jo photography was born the fall of 2009.

we were married in sept. 2011 & blessed with our 1st son deacon in april 2015 our 2nd son braxton in march 2018.

my love story is so important to me! my heart is my family! my heart & soul goes into my photography! love is my passion in life! capturing it.... is my talent! 

{ let me capture your love }

meet Amy jo

capturing your LOVE is what I do

The couples first time seeing each other! Either walking down the isle or FIRST LOOKS. They both show to me in that moment the raw love in their hearts. 


{ CAKE } yummm! 
No but really! I love that there are some traditions that are still strong. Its so fun to see the playful side or sensitive side of the couple during the cake cutting! 


So there is this small moment not many people think of that I truly look for and do my best to capture. The parents during the vows... I try to stay up at the front of the ceremony until the ring exchange and I have truly gotten so beautiful moments of mom and dad! 


Whats your favorite parts of a wedding?

Amy Jo Photography  || Serving North GA for 10 Years